Gerald Saul - Scripts, Screenplays, and Storyboards

Not every one of my films has a traditional screenplay. Some begin with some illustrations, guidelines, or more general scripts. The links below are to some of these documents which helped me to focus my thoughts, communicate my vision, and create my films. Many are fragments or just scriblings. More are added as I find them in old folders or notebooks.

This list is in progress: watch for more to come.

The Nose (1984) Page Storyboard

Reflexions (1984) Page Storyboard

Wheat Soup (1987)   Page   Script (fragments) Storyboards

Angst (1989)    Page   Script (dialog only) 

Dream Sequence (Full version of Saul portion of compilation project, 1989)   Page   Script

Crave (1994) Page ... Storyboard by Margaret Bessai
Ghosts After Breakfast (unproduced, 1995) Script

The Man with the Rocket Shoes (unproduced second draft, 1996)   Page   Script

The Story of Turtle from Turtle Island (commissioned collaboration, 1996) Page Storyboard

Life Is Like Lint (1999) Page  Script

25 Short Films in and about Saskatchewan (subtitle text on 1999 version)  Page   Script
It Came from Inner Space, "House Cleaning" (2000) storyboard

The King Who Never Napped (2002) Page Storyboard/shot list

She Said (2008) Page   Script

Bonnie's Indescribable Predicament Page Storyboard

All the Boys are Named William (2010)   Page   Script

Lebendiger Himmel (2013) Page Script

Testament of Frankenstitch (2016)   Page   Script  Storyboard
Eyes of Sorrow Moon (2016)  Page   Script/Storyboard

The End of Another Day (a Wheat Soup story) (2016)  Page   Script
Scream for the Monster (2018) Page Script Storyboard

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