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Gerald Saul: Curating


October/2020          "Fall With Fellini" - Fellini film retrospective for RPL Film Theatre (Regina); co-curator/presenter  (            
September/2019      Saskatchewan Filmpool (Regina); Jon Tewksbury and Jason Shabatoski retrospective.
April/2019              University of Regina Archer Library Canadian Film Day, co-curator of Water Horse.
January-Mar/2019 ....Dreaming of Surrealism film series for RPL Film Theatre (Regina); curator/presenter (handwritten notes
June/2017               International Puppet Underground Festival (Regina); co-curator, international puppet films.

March/2014             Saskatchewan Filmpool (Regina); Jason Britski Retrospective.

October/2012          Saskatchewan Filmpool; Dianne Ouellette Retrospective. (poster)

November/2011       SK Filmpool; Fragile Harvest, films from Phil Hoffman and his film farm.

November/2011       Inside/Outside, screening of student films as guest to Philippe Mather's Micro Cinema course.

June/2010              Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF); Art in and out of Exile: facing the music.

August/2009           CSIF (Calgary); Finding the Cannibal Within: a headhunter's guide to modern times

November/2008       University of Regina: Re-Examining Arthur Conan Doyle; An International Symposium; Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

October/2008          Winnipeg Cinematheque; Films of Jean Oser.

April/2008              SK Filmpool; Ian Toews retrospective.
August/2005           Regina Fringe Festival, Cursing the Threshold and Pieces of Heart (student films)
September/2003      MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina); Regina on Screen.
January/2001          SK Filmpool;Eleven Films by Ruba Nadda.
May/2000–March/01 OSAC and SMPIA Moving Pictures In Saskatchewan provincial touring program.
February/2000         SK Filmpool; What Girls Are Made Of, films by Canadian women.         
January/2000          SK Filmpool; Machismo, more films from the Don List archive.
May/1999               SK Filmpool; Phil Hoffman, (program notes, not curator).
March/1999             SK Filmpool; Lost Virtues, Found Images, films by Canadian women (program notes with art)
January/1999          SK Filmpool; Politically Incorrect, films from the Don List archive.
January/1999          SK Filmpool; 91st Birthday Retrospective, films by Jean Oser.
March/1998             SK Filmpool; Flick You; the first annual flicker film festival.(images)
February/1998         SK Filmpool; In Search of the Last Good Man, films by Canadian women (co).
January/1998          SK Filmpool; 90th Birthday Retrospective, films by Jean Oser.
November/1997       SK Filmpool; Handmade Films, films by Stan Brakhage.
October/1997          SK Filmpool; Look What Arthur Found, films by Arthur Lipsett.
January/1997          SK Filmpool; It's A Rat's Life, films by Canadian women.
1992                      SK Filmpool; 15th Anniversary national touring package of films (co-curator).


 Gerald Saul: Festival Organizing

June 2017               Independent Puppet Underground Festival (IPUF), board member.

Sept-Dec 2016         Co-artistic director of The Caligari Project, a multidisciplinary arts festival in Regina.

1999-2015               Primary organizer of the Terrible Film Festival, an ongoing student screening event.

2012                       Organizer, University of Regina POW! In the Eye of the Moon! interdisciplinary academic conference on French Science Fiction. Many roles, from academic to the coordination of interviews and even serving science fiction themed cocktails.

2012                       Co-organizer of Shotgun Super-8 Film Festival in Regina.