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Gerald Saul: Art Gallery Exhibitions and Visual Art publications.



Untitled painted camera sculpture in the online exhibition "Imaginary Exhibition: Green & Gold" curated by Sandee Moore, June 1-21, 2020.


Dunlop Art Gallery, three short films exhibited in the Saskatchewan Gothic Film Series from January 16 to February 5, curated by Dr. Christine Ramsay (Department of Film) and Elizabeth Matheson (Strandline Curatorial Collective).


Art Gallery of Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan) Anecdotal Evidence: The Work of Gerald Saul, curated by the Strandline Collective (Christine Ramsay, Elizabeth Matheson), solo retrospective, July 7 - August 27.

Dunlop Art Gallery Mediatheque (Regina, Saskatchewan) "Eyes of Sorrow Moon" exhibited from October 2016 to January 2017 as part of the Caligari Project.


CASA Gallery (Lethbridge, Alberta) Silent Treatment Festival of Shorts curated by Darcy Logan, outdoor exhibition of short videos Davin School Train Secrets and Getting Around (Regina 24), September.

Splice Magazine Cover, Fall 2014, published by the Saskatchewan Filmpool Co-operative.


MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina), group show curated by Jeff Nye, installation of Grain film project, 16mm on blue ray, 22 minutes.


Dunlop Art Gallery (Sherwood Branch, Regina) No Story Too Small to Trade curated by the Regina Artist Trading Card Collective, Rerun: The Misadventures of Canister the Robot from Belion 7, set of six photo collage images, 2.5" x 3.5". This exhibition was also toured through OSAC to numerous Saskatchewan centres between 2011 and 2014.


MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina) Site Reading group exhibition curated by Seema Goel, two month installation of Mr. Saul’s Definitive Portrait of His Family, Super-8 on dvd, 11 minutes.

Saskatchewan Filmpool and Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina), Between the Frames: the drive-in downtown, curated by Jacob Korczynski, Naïve (Toxic 4).


Saw Video (Ottawa) The Golem of Socks, Independent Online Webcast (


Dunlop Art Gallery, A Stranger Comes To Town, curated by Brock Silversides “Wheat Soup” and Life Is Like Lint” movie posters designs, medium: drawing/Photoshop


MacKenzie Art Gallery Fine Arts Faculty Show, curated by Tim Long, two month installation of “Life Is Like Lint”, 16mm on video, 80 minutes.

Dunlop Art Gallery The Revenge of Super-8 curated by Su Ditta, three month installation of “Twenty Five Short Films In and About Saskatchewan, super-8 on video, 80 minutes.


Neutral Ground Art Gallery and Artist Run Centre (Regina) Persistent Visions, an eleven day site specific public space installation of thirty film loops. Two artist show, (second artist in separate venue) curated by Neutral Ground Programming Committee.




MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina), April 27 to September 1, group show, Artist trading cards 10th anniversary exhibition "The Collaborative Decade: Celebrating 10 Years of ATCs in Regina".

  "Canister and the Oracle's Necktie", (6 two-sided cards, each 2.5" x 3.5"), 2013 (artist statement)


Invited by Rob Bos to install selection of recent videos as an installation at the Art Projects Gallery, Regina (January 27-February 10).


Artist trading card series. (Note: these represent a visual art practice but not a publication or gallery practice).

     Untitled Golem of Socks series (9 two-sided cards, each 2.5"x3.5"), collaboration with Margaret Bessai, 2005.

     Untitled Golem of Socks situated series of tin-cut buildings with magnets (6 x 2.5"x3.5"), 2006.


Neutral Ground, CD Art fundraising show, "Romeo Rooster", medium: paint/transparency collage, size: 5”x5.5”.

Neutral Ground, Ethni-City, two untitled 4”x6” paper collages.


Neutral Ground, CD Art fundraising show, "Celluloid Rooster", medium: transparency collage, size: 5”x5.5”.


Neutral Ground, 10th Anniversary member's show, two untitled works, photography/metal, size 24”x24”.


Saskatchewan Filmpool (Regina) lobby, solo photo exhibition, Five photographs from “Dread, size: each 11”x14”.

Splice Magazine cover, published by Saskatchewan Filmpool Co-operative, November, 1991.


Neutral Ground, Last Dance Mail Art Show, two untitled photocopy artworks, size 8.5”x11”. If these were returned to me, I do not know what happened to them. As I recall, they were made up of images enlarged repeatedly with a photocopier to the point that they were nothing but a texture.

The Tickletrunk of Dr. Caligari

This is a portable suitcase cinema built in 2016 during the Caligari Project. I have used it to exhibit short films in loops for single viewers. It contains a video projector, mirrors, glass, a speaker, a metal parabolic cone to enhance the sound, and a set of viewing goggles.

YAAG: the Yellow Argyle Art Garage

This is the name I've given to my small yellow garage behind my house on Argyle Street where I have allowed young artists to exhibit installation art work. The first of these, under this name, was "Stereobscura" by MFA student Geremy Lague in which dual camera obscuras were accompanied by a short performance. This was mounted on June 24, 2013.

Non-exhibited visual art

- 1992 undergrad course in printmaking
- 2011 comic jam page at CVAF
- 2018 to present, acrylic painting as hobby