25 Short Films in and about Saskatchewan

super-8 film, 75 minutes, 1996-1999, modified 2003, modified again 2016

This 75 minute project shot was between 1995 and 1999 on super-8 film while I attempted to reconnect with my Saskatchewanhome after leaving it for two years. To do so, I turned to the super-8 medium for its portability, versatility, and playfulness.  I had worked with super-8 when I was in grade school but had abandoned it for many years. It was not until grad school and Crave did I rediscover it and want to explore its possibilities. The films in this series are often pixilated as he explored colours, shapes, and locations in Regina, Saskatoon and on the rural landscape.

In post production I added text to many of the films. The text contains personal viewpoints and anecdotes regarding living in Saskatchewan.  My intention was for the audience to watch the film images the first time through and the text on later screenings, Therefore, these films are meant to be viewed multiple times. For screening purposes, I will be able to supply versions without text if desired.
Music was composed by Jeff Looysen specifically for this film project, and is performed by Jeff on violin and Jonathan Dyck on piano.

In March of 2000, this project was included in the Dunlop Art Gallery exhibition "Revenge of Super 8" by curator Su Ditta. She writes "Gerald Saul's epic investigation of place, landscape, history and identity in 25 Short Films in and about Saskatchewan is a poetic and deeply personal memoir." (IMAGE)

Script of original superimposed text.

In 2003, I re-edited the film set with minor revisions to make them available individually.

1. Dance 10. Another Film About Snow in Regina 19. Fred Says He'll Make A Farmer Of Me Yet
2. The Untutored I 11. Erections 20. Re-construction
3. Bovine Bondage and Degradation 12. Price Includes Packaging 21. Bridge
4. Afterwards We Had Cocoa 13. I Saw Red On Canada Day 22. Banding Together
5. Globe Theatre 14. God Daughter 23&24. Boo pts 1&2
6. My Train Film 15. Land of Living Skies 25. Heavy Machinery Has Right of Way
7. Train Leafing Station 16. Bread For Dependants  
8. Brown Christmas with Colour 17. Obscured A Grave Film
9. Waskimo 18. 84 Words  

In 2016 I retransfered the entire set of films as 2K video and presented them as part of my exhibition Anecdotal Evidence at the AGR. For the 2016 versions, crawling subtitles have been removed. Part of the exhibition also include the reshooting and return to the series of one missing film: A Grave Film. It also included images from the original super-8 film, photographed through a microscope.