super-8 film, 5 minutes, 1994 (PHOTOS FROM BEHIND SCENES SHOOTING FILM)

This film was my first work in super-8 in over ten years. It was made as an assignment in my first year at grad school at York University. I took it upon myself to make the most of each frame. It is shot in a pixilated style, one frame at a time, in black and white. The lab had some chemical accidents that day which resulted in a very high contrast image which I am very pleased with. Margaret designed the background of the scientist's lab, played by me. It is about the fragmentation of the human body and how we take for granted the parts being separate from the whole. The main character, a hand, searches in vain for satisfaction. It finds love in the form of a vole in the woods, but there is no redemption for a bodiless creature. The soundtrack is made with a hand, the same hand that is in the film. Wrapped in bandages in reference not only to Frankenstein, but also personally to an industrial accident I had at the local steel mill where I nearly lost three of my fingers on that hand in 1987.