super-8 film, 3.5 minutes, 1995/1999

Two dancers, forever embracing under Muybridge's watchful eye, spin their two inch high figures though a summer garden. This film was made earlier than the others and was inspired by a dream I had where I watched a film by someone I knew that was very much like this one and I woke up disappointed that I hadn't thought of it first. The first time it was shown was at a "Puberty" screening in Toronto in 1995 where filmmakers were to make super-8 films and play them with a song that they'd have listened to when they were in puberty. I played this film with a "Detroit, Rock City". by Kiss! It rocked. In 1999, as a project for Film 200 the first time I ever taught it, I assigned a mini-comic project and used my memory of this project as the story. READ THE COMIC.


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