Rerun: The Misadventures of Canister, the Robot from Belion 7

photo-collage by Gerald Saul, 2010

This set of small artist trading cards were made for the Dunlop Art Gallery show entitled "No Story Too Small To Trade" which was presented at the Sherwood Village branch of the Dunlop in Regina in the fall of 2010 and toured Saskatchewan arts centres until 2014. It was curated by the Regina Trading Card Collective. Each of the six cards measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches and are printed onto photographic paper. The images are a mixture of stills from public domain films downloaded from the Prelinger Archive along with original images photographed with the assistance of Erik Sirke.This is the first public exhibition of an incarnation of research looking at reinscribed archival images under the project banner "Rerun" (also see "Rerun Amok"). The images below show the cards with their corresponding opposite side, unseen in the actual exhibition.




First set of cards

Second set of cards

Third set of cards

Fourth set of cards

Fifth set of cards (one off)

Sixth set of Cards

COMIC 1 Canister the Robo

COMIC 2 Canister and the Big Bust

COMIC 3 The Inevitability Syndrom

COMIC 4 Canister and the Perfect Fix

COMIC 5 Hide and Seek and Destroy



Artist Trading Cards (ATC) unrelated to films or Canister