Rerun: The Misadventures of Canister the Robot from Belion 7

Canister and the Oracle's Necktie

photo-collage by Gerald Saul, 2013

This is a series of six artist trading cards based upon the Canister character. They were on display (un-curated) at the MacKenzie Art Gallery as part of theThe Collaborative Decade: Celebrating 10 Years of ATCs in Regina” within the newly launched “Living Room”, a space for creative response and reflection at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, April 27 to September 1, 2013.

The cards from the series are printed as 4x6" photographs which can then be folded, glued, and trimmed to become a two sided cards. Click here for my artist statement on this set.



First set of cards

Second set of cards

Third set of cards

Fourth set of cards

Fifth set of cards (one off)

Sixth set of Cards

COMIC 1 Canister the Robo

COMIC 2 Canister and the Big Bust

COMIC 3 The Inevitability Syndrom

COMIC 4 Canister and the Perfect Fix

COMIC 5 Hide and Seek and Destroy