Rerun: The Misadventures of Canister, the Robot from Belion 7

"Canister Loses His Head", photo-collage by Gerald Saul, 2014

A fourth set of Canister the Robot artist trading cards.

Front: this is folded to fit the format. When unfolded, it is 7 inches wide and contains a pair of images. Text, as traditionally with stereoscopic images, is on the bottor of the right eye view. The cards 1-6 of 7 were made for the 11th Regina Artist Trading Card Anniversary display in 2014.

Back of the dard contains a glued in insert as follows:

Canister Loses His Head, series 4 in the Misadventures of Canister the Robot from Belion 7 by Gerald Saul. To view this card in the third dimension, unfold it and insert it into a stereoscopic viewer (designed by Oliver Wendell Holmses in 1860) as pictured. There are seven cards in this series, six of which are presented in this exhibition.


First set of cards

Second set of cards

Third set of cards

Fourth set of cards

Fifth set of cards (one off)

Sixth set of Cards

COMIC 1 Canister the Robo

COMIC 2 Canister and the Big Bust

COMIC 3 The Inevitability Syndrom

COMIC 4 Canister and the Perfect Fix

COMIC 5 Hide and Seek and Destroy