Rerun Amok

super-8, 4 minutes, black and white, 2010

This project was shot in one take with a Canon 5D mark 2 camera, manipulated using After Effects to integrate images which were extracted from public domain films courtesy of the Prelinger Archives, then kinescoped to super-8 black and white film for its premiere at the One Take Super 8 Event in Regina in October 2010. The clip shown here is straight video, before the film conversion. Original camerawork and assistance, including the incidental music, is by Erik Sirke. In constructing this film, I was conscious of Chuck Jones' "Duck Amok" in which Daffy is trapped in a film being manipulated by outside forces of the animator. In this case, I am ironically playing both parts of the manipulator and manipulated.

This is a second incarnation of research into manipulating archival footage under the banner "Rerun", the first being a set of small photo collage cards.