Jean Oser 90th Birthday screening program

Expo (10 minutes, 1967) is a visual study of the opening day in Montreal. Construction was still incomplete when Jean directed this film during his first excursion into Canada.

 Second Voyage (196?, 35 minutes) is a beautiful travel diary following John Glen, astronaut, as he is treated royally at every tourist trap in Japan.

Myrtle's Murder is an editing exercise performed by countless students of Jean's. Did she do it, desire it or just imagine it?

Ghosts Before Breakfast (192?, 10 minutes) features not only early editing by Jean but acting as well! It is a surrealistic piece by the early German Avant-Garde filmmaker, Hans Richter.

Double Decked Clipper (30 minutes) is a fascinating film about the huge Boeing aircrafts.

Lobstertown (1947, 18 minutes) is a black and white study of a community in Maine whose economy and identity revolve around a certain crustacean.