In 1999, in my first term full time at the University of Regina, I inherited a course which was supposed to involve the students in the hosting of a film festival. In an attempt to create a stronger sense of entitlement with this project, and also due to the fact that I lacked the time and contacts to organize the screenings that my predecessor had, i divvied out 100 feet of black and white film to each student to make a film. The rolls were all sent to the lab and processed and the students created separate soundtracks for them. The event, named by the class "Terrible Film Festival" as a way of embracing the generally rushed quality of the work, was very fun and quite successful. In the years that followed, I held more screenings of this sort, with the film developed in buckets in the darkroom rather than by a commercial lab (see powerpoint presentation, if you dare). My hope is that the students take pride in their work, and learn to present their work to the public bravely and intelligently. I insist that program notes be written and that the event be publicized and accommodating to the audience. Screenings are held off campus.

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#1 October 1999 at the Antechamber

#2 winter 2002 "You've Got To Be Kidding" at the Saskatchewan Filmpool

#3 winter 2003 "Cold, Cold, Cold" at the Saskatchewan Filmpool

#4 October 2003 at the Saskatchewan Filmpool

#5 fall 2004 "Wrong" at the 11th Avenue Co-op

#6 November 2005 at the Saskatchewan Filmpool

#7 October 2006 at the Saskatchewan Filmpool (see poster)

#8 November 2009 at the Saskatchewan Filmpool

#9 November 2010 at the Saskatchewan Filmpool (see poster)

#10 November 4, 2011  at the Creative City Centre. (see poster). (Review in UofR student paper).

#11 November 4, 2012 at the Saskatchewan Filmpool (see poster) (Review on Filmpool website)

#12 November 10, 2013 at the Artful Dodger. (see poster) (Preview in UofR student paper "The Carillon") (CBC Radio interview)

#13 May 21, 2015 at the YAAG with works by Rania Al Harthi, An An, Dianne Ouellette, Ken Wilson, and me. (poster)