She Said...

digital experimental and/or animated series, 2008

Just after New Year's, 2008, I was corresponding with Scott Amos, a Victoria media artist I'd met a few months previous. He was making a resolution to make a new work every week all year; I took him up on the challenge. I had been jotting down bits of dialogue that I had no home for, mostly mean things that people say to each other. Some of these things are triggered by dialogue from other films, but mostly they are based upon memories, or the tone of memories, of relationships gone bad. I decided to start putting these to video for this weekly project. A huge advantage to this was that I always had a starting point and did not have to explain the "why" every time I made one. Basically, they are observations, thoughts, and moments by a man, Gerald, (Each of these begins with my voice saying "Gerald, she said, Gerald...". )while his relationship crumbles around him. We wonder if he is as aware of this fact as we are.

These 13 videos (one quarter of a year) are all posted on Youtube. So far, most are under one minute in length. I have also been using the project as a way of investigating how Youtube works, how do you get more hits with a video, etc.

1. Down Hill (January 6, 2008)

2. While watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (January 14)

3. Doing Nothing Is No Excuse (January 18)

4. The Pick Up (January 27)

5. Madonna for Congress (February 6)

6. Make Up Sex (February 10)

7. Suspicious Super Bowl (February 18)

8. Blockbuster Ballbuster (February 26)

9. Am I The Eggman (March 6)

10. Mind the Daleks (March 12)

11. Hell (March 20)

12. Heart to Heart (March 21)

13. Randomly, Years Later, at a five star resort in Canun, Mexico (March 31)