The End of Another Day (a Wheat Soup story)

16mm, 11 minutes, colour, 2016

William Bessai-Saul and Katherine Bessai play two wheat farmers in the ever farther off future, taking place in the same world as Wheat Soup. After a long period of stability of a new society created by Sam in Wheat Soup, these two descendants each find themselves misfits within the new world. William's character, although living on the original farm and receiving the highest social status that this role affords one, is uninterested in crop production and wishes to hit the road again. Katherine's character is gifted with an innate understanding of the broken appliances and can even fix them, but is distrusted by the rest of the family for her mysterious ways.

The film is shot with an Eclair NPR 16mm camera with a 500mm f8 lens, similar to the way the "sunset shot" was created in the original Wheat Soup film, but just as in all futures in which technology has changed or been forgotten, the unity of camera, lens, and subject is breaking down and the resulting image is damaged and intermittent. (notes from on set)