16mm film, 30 minutes, 1990 (Additional images 1,2)

The film began as a drama about the boredom of immortal vampire life, but quickly was reshaped into an experimental narrative featuring extensive diary-style voice overs, hand processing, mixed film stocks, pixelation, and other formal film devices. Using German influenced compositions and the most colorful palate of any of my films, I attempted to tell a real vampire horror story, the story of broken love and loneliness. Dawn Henderson was the primary performer in the film, playing Kynth, the vampire. The voice was performed by Kirsten McPhee, who also performed in Dream Sequence and did a recording for me for Suzy Sparrow. Created with grants from the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Saskatchewan Filmpool. Part of my support material for my grants was this TEST ROLL. The best rejection letter I ever got was from Amnon Buchbinder, turning "Angst" down from the Vancouver Film Festival. Unlike most festivals today, he put his thoughts into elequent words.


Promotional postcard.

In 2016 I restaged a number of shots from this film and photographed them using a stereoscopic camera. I used local artist/filmmaker/model Sunny Adams in the role of Kynth. These were exhibited at the Art Gallery of Regina in the summer of 2016. STEREOSCOPIC CARDS

During this same shoot, photographer Erik Sirke shot a series of time-traveling Canister the Robot encountering Kynth in the late 1980s. One of these images was adapted into a colouring book page. CANISTER VS KYNTH.

Script (dialog only)