Dream Sequence

16mm film, 50 minutes, 1999 (PHOTOS)

I think I cover a lot of the bases in this article I wrote shorter after the film was finished (see link below). I just want to say that I'm quite proud to have been able to bring this together when so many had given up on it. I think the film could have been seen more, festivals etc, had anyone had faith in it. However, I had a number of other projects to deal with in 1999 and couldn't take that role myself, so no one did it. I made sure it got screened a second time, at the Cathedral Arts Festival in the summer of 2000, but it was hit by a gigantic rain storm so most of the audience didn't make it through. I watched it with about a dozen die hards under a tent as sheets of water came down.

Splice magazine article about Dream Sequence

Script (Saul section, full version of which only 1/3 was produced)

This is one of the films I edited on the rare "Ginny" editing machine (along with "Life is Like Lint" and "Dread". The manual and images for this maching can be found on this page: "GINNY".