Research Interests

Research keywords:

  • sustainable waste management system

  • landfill design and operation

  • reuse of waste material

  • recycling and waste minimization

  • data driven waste policy

  • evidence-based standards and guidelines

  • waste modelling

  • illegal dumping and littering

Research interests:

My principal research interests are in the fields of environmental geotechnics and sustainable solid waste treatment. My ultimate research goal is to acquire the necessary knowledge that has valuable impact on geo-environmental practice and regulatory policies. I like to establish the theoretical background for the next-generation waste containment systems which are reliable, cost-effective and environmental friendly. Traditionally the design principles of waste management system have borrowed heavily on past experience and empirical equations. While this approach was accepted in the past for its simplicity, its unreliable performance failed to keep up with today’s emerging environmental standards. I like to provide engineering solutions that are based on sound scientific principles and are practical to implement.

Within the broad area of geo-environmental engineering, my latest research projects specifically address to the following key topics:

  • Development of sustainable waste management systems (WMS)

      • Use of novel environmental metrics and indices

      • Waste generation characteristics and recycling practices in Northern and remote communities

      • Diversion programs and policy on non-residential wastes

      • Waste economy and policy

  • Waste collection and transfer

      • Solar-powered smart bins

      • Dual-stage optimization on waste collection

      • GIS based vehicle routing problem

  • Waste containment system design and operation

      • Waste site selection using remote sensing data

      • Design standards and guidelines

      • The role of daily/intermediate covers on the geo-environmental performance of sanitary landfill

      • Pseudo-FOD landfill gas modeling and assessment of emission impacts

      • Leachate migration and groundwater quality at unlined landfills

  • Others:

      • Beneficial reuse of waste materials in civil and environmental applications

      • Cigarette butts littering and indoor smoking policy

      • The use of UAVs and drones in waste studies

      • Environmental geotechnics and waste mechanics

Student researchers wanted:

Individuals interested in pursuing graduate studies (or as undergraduate assistants) in the above areas are encouraged to contact me (

Last updated: Feb, 2022.