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What's New?
  • On September 9, as part of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Co-operative's 40th anniversary celebrations, the Bushwakker Brewing Company is releasing a Wheat Soup themed beer.
  • On July 13 I screened Canister Versus The Red Death at the One Take Super 8 Event in Regina.
  • June 2, Warhol and Dali screened at the International Puppet Underground Festival (IPUF) in Regina.
  • May 24-25, I ran Ghost Photography in the YAAG as part of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.
  • On May 23, The End of Another Day (a Wheat Soup story) was screened at the Artesian in Regina as par of the Saskatchewan Filmpool's premiere curated by Ella Mikkola as the annual screening event during the Cathedral Festival.
  • On May 16 I presented a "Quick and Dirty" artist talk about 20 of my puppet films at the Creative City Centre in Regina, co-hosted by the Dunlop Art Gallery. 
  • April 29, a new set of six artist trading cards were put on display in an (uncurated) presentation of cards on a theme of "Black Sheep" as part of the Regina ATC Collective's 14th anniversary at the MacKenzie Art Gallery (Learning Resource Centre). The cards feature Growing Up with Canister.
  • On April 22 Eyes of Sorrow Moon was shown at the Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival in Wilcox, Arizona. (winner, best performance).
  • On April 15, "Testament of Frankenstitch" was screened at the Whoops Film Festival in New York City where it was presented with two "awards", namely "Worst Screenplay" and "Worst Acress".
  • On March 17 I presented and discussed "Gun Crazy" at the Lifelong Learning Centre film class in Regna.
  • On February 24 I presented and discussed the classic film "A Day at the Races" to the Lifelong Learning Centre in Regina.
  • 8 Fest commissioned a super-8 film for their 2017 festival. I premiered Sock-Vile Mystery Theatre, Episode 13 in Toronto, January 27-29.
  • In January, "Eyes of Sorrow Moon" screened at the Pedro Munoz Ayuntamiento film festival in Spain.
  • From January 16 to January 29 I had four short super-8 films included in the Saskatchewan Gothic program at the Dunlop Art Gallery, curated by the Strandline Collective.
  • Between October 6, 2016 and January 15, 2017 my film Eyes of Sorrow Moon was on display in the Dunlop Art Gallery's Mediatheque.

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