My University of Regina Film Students     . . . . . . . . . and MFA Graduate Students

I have been teaching at the University of Regina full time since 1999. I taught a few classes as a sessional there prior to 1999. The program was called "Film and Video" until 2001 when it changed to "Media Production and Studies". In 2013 it changed to its current name "Department of Film". I cannot possibly list all of my students nor begin to chronicle their accomplishments. However, while they were students I have occasionally created on-line projects or public events. Some of these events can be found through the links below:

2011 class project "Sock-Vile" (plus the student designed website)

Winter 2011 Film 311 photography wiki site

The Terrible Film Festival (ongoing project) 

Winter 2010 sitcom exercise "Dinobot Flats"

Winter 2010 Film 486 animation blog with video clips

Winter 2008 Film 400 found footage project on Youtube

Winter 2013 Film 303, animation workshop film (created in one session).

Department of Film Facebook Page