Directed reading project

Fourth year undergraduate students may work on a project as part of the Honours Seminar (MATH 497 / 498) or a Directed Reading course (MATH 495 / 496). Here are some suggested topics for inspiration:

Some of the topics as written are quite ambitious. Don't worry: they can be broken into smaller pieces or adapted in various ways.

Undergraduate research internship

Here is information about the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award. If you would like to do a research internship with me, please contact me.

Graduate program

Here is information about the department's graduate programs. If you would like to work with me for your MSc or PhD, please contact me.

Note: If you are in the course-based MSc program, then the directed reading projects described above would be appropriate for MATH 802 - Major Essay.

General principle: For any inquiry regarding supervision, feel free to email me or schedule a meeting.

Graduate students

Undergraduate students