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Gerald Saul:

Acting, Performing, and Cameos in Films

I appear in a vast majority of my own films. These are too numerous to list in their entirety. Some important ones include:

Wheat Soup (Agoraphobic)

Life Is Like Lint (Wilbur)

I Can't Go Home (The Screaming Banana)

How to be an Experimental Filmmaker (narrator)

She Said (Gerald the narrator)
Sock-Vile (TV Soup Chef)

as well as playing the following recurring characters:

Canister the Robot

Mr. Saul

Professor Delusia

Here are some (mostly short) films by other filmmakers in which I appear, often as a completely insignificant body in the background, that I can remember being in:

Mighty Morphin Orphan Stories (Mr. Gerald) directed by Erik Sirke. 2017

Der Glockner (the baker), directed by Chrystene Ells, 2016
Caligari Project promotional trailer, directed by Berny Hi, 2016 (at 52 seconds)

Mermaid's Murder (victim), grad student workshop, Zaheer Shahid, An An, Rania Hart, and Xin Shen, 2015

Society of Camera Operators The Motion Picture Camera: Past, Present and Future, Bob Joyce, 2014 (at 2:55)

Fragment of Apocalypse (Rupert Korngold), directed by Erik Sirke, 2011

Dinobot Flats (Robot) student workshop directed by Gabe Boyko, 2010
Falling to Pieces (as self)  student film by Riley Webster, 2010
John Versus The Car (Student film) by Rown Henry, John Johnstone, 2009
Film Video Pool(voice actor) by Eric Hill, 2008

Summer Job (Working with Gerald) by Eric Hill, 2008

River (silent background extra in art gallery at 28 minutes), feature directed by Mark Wihak, 2007

Third year film project directed by Brittany Morrison, voice recording in style of "Mr. Saul", 2006

So What's the Deal? The Jody Fulkerson Story (voice of Heckler), directed by Tewksbury and Shabatoski, 2003

Moustaches Per Noleggio aka Boyaratti Brothers directed by Tewksbury and Shabatoski, 2003

Quel Sale Tour (non-speaking critic) directed by Jon Tewksbury and Jason Shabatoski, 2002

Student film (stressed guy in apartment) by York MA student Mark Carpenter, 1994

All Form, No Substance (non-speaking gambler) directed by Brian Stockton, 1988

Passing Through (non-speaking background extra in party scene) directed by Marc LaFoy, 1987

Jimmy's Game (undercover police officer) directed by Jerry Horne, 1987

Heartline (voice or a radio caller) directed by Will Dixon, 1986