How To Be An Experimental Filmmaker

digital experimental and/or animated series, 2008

This set of videos were made at the rate of one per week in mid-2008. Each contains three comical statements that may or may not be true, but are often too close for comfort, about the dubious occupation of being an experimental filmmaker. The titles are each drawn from Shakespeare, although not necessarily famous lines. I picked each one for a metaphor created within the film but some connections are tenuous.

1. This too too solid flesh - April 12, 2008

2. A pound of flesh

3. Pierce every sense

4. Is it come to this?

5. Dart not scornful glances

6. Devise some honest slanders

7. As many vouched rarities are

8. Speak not, reply not

9. A thousand dreadful things

10. Give place to the devil wrath

11. To prove a villain

12. The undoing of yourself

13. Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything - June 30, 2008