The 48 Hour Filmmaking Frenzy

The Saskatchewan Filmpool hosts annual workshop called the 48 Hour Filmmaking Frenzy in which participants are placed into groups and given a few rolls of black and white film on the Saturday morning. They shoot the film and develop it by hand that same day. The following day, rolls are edited on flatbeds and soundtracks are created or chosen. That evening, less than 48 hours before it began, the films are shown publicly. There are awards given out and a cup is engraved with the top winners names. I have participated each year, assisting a group as well as guiding the work in the darkroom.
The event was re-launched in 2021 with social distancing and eco-friendly developing of the film. The first two films I was working on both won the top prize.
The films I was a part of in these workshops were:

#1, March 2004, Just Before He Threw The Chair

#2, April 2005, Springtime for Zombies

#3, May 2006, (I assisted with a film but forget the title. I spent more of my time running the darkroom).

#4, May 2007, Conquest of the Vanquished Urban Renewal Experts ...

#5, May 2008, Taking a Few Shots on the Wild Side

#6, June 2009, Uke I Am

#7, May 2010, I did not make a film this year but was on the jury.

#8, August 2011, Primo Impressionem

#9, June 2021, T ruth