Springtime for Zombies

16mm film, 3 minutes, 2005 (additional image 1)

This was a group workshop project for which I was the team leader with first time filmmakers under a Saskatchewan Filmpool project "48 Hour Film Frenzy".  The films were each conceived of, shot, hand processed, and exhibited in one weekend.

The group, the Zombieettes, was made up of me, Alan Fullerton, Regan Jans, and Krysta Mitchell. We were awarded best picture of the weekend for this, the second annual "frenzy" event.

Krysta and I play zombies on a normal spring day, having coffee, going for walks, feeding birds, and falling in love. My proudest moment is my idea that a zombie would drink coffee by chewing beans then washing them down with water directly from the kettle. I choked for 20 minutes on been fragments after trying this.