Just Before He Threw The Chair

16mm film, 2 minutes, 2004 (additional image 1)

This was a group workshop project for which I was the team leader with first time filmmakers under a Saskatchewan Filmpool project "48 Hour Film Frenzy".  The films were each conceived of, shot on 16mm black and white film, hand processed, and exhibited over a two day period. I don't remember what the original sound that we played for the live audience was, but I believe it was copyrighted music. For the version I posted on Vimeo, I've replaced it with a collection of train sounds.

The group ("The Dream Team") was made of Daniel Maslany, Tatiana Maslany, Anna Nalewany, Chris Pritchard, and myself.

Within this film, we attempted to investigate a collective dream. Shadows and reflections mix with frustration and stress. Our group was awarded best film of the weekend at this first annual "frenzy" event.

Student journalist followed us around and created a radio piece about the event.

Watch the whole film HERE ON VIMEO.