Primo Impressionem

16mm film, 4 minutes, 2011

Workshop film co-created with Darren Denys, Marc Gagnon, Karl Lehmann, William Bessai-Saul, and Jennifer Sparrowhawk.

This was made as part of the 48 Hour Filmmaking frenzy. It was based on an idea conceived of en route from Saskatoon by Darren, Karl, and Jennifer about a man who is desperately trying to prepare himself to meet a girl. We turned it comical as Darren steals ice cream from a child to use as shaving cream, mugs a man for his suit, and wipes dog droppings off his foot onto unsuspecting picnickers. The surprise ending in which the woman is revealed to be Marc in drag is played ambiguously as the two walk away together. It was shot on August 13-14, 2011. All titles are in Latin, created using a google translator. In the screening program I described Primo Impressionem (First Impression), without translation, as "A Comoedia de amore, orci ac perditis postulo facio verus primum impressions." which means "A comedy about love, frustration, and the desperate need to make the proper first impressions."

The scene of the mugging, in which I play the pontificating "expert" (as labeled on my medal) was lost through some camera error. However, William shot the scene with my still camera so it can be seen below: