Mr. Saul's Digital Utopia

web-based digital media series, 2012

This is the sequel to the Mr. Saul's Utopia super-8 project created between 2005 and 2009. While the original project presented "Mr. Saul", a fictitious patriarch and expert narrating his home movies, these new projects have him attempting to engage with new technologies; digital cameras, computers, the web, the internet, online shopping, and many other issues most people face daily. However, this character refuses to admit that he is not the expert. While i generally dislike arrogance, I found that playing such a character forced me to see many issues through his eyes. While generally farcical and often ironic, these videos brought me much closer to this character than ever before.

I created these during my six month sabbatical in the first half of 2012, writing a new episode every Sunday morning for 26 weeks.

1. Mr. Saul and the New Year's Eve Video

2. Mr. Saul and the You Tube

3. Mr Saul and the insurance document

4. Mr. Saul and the Christmas Pageant.

5. Mr. Saul and the Blow Hole

6. Mr Saul's Virus

7. Mr. Saul and the Pay Pal

8. Mr. Saul's Sunday Brunch

9. Mr. Saul on choosing a suitable holiday

10. Mr. Saul and the Forbidden Fruit

11. Mr. Saul and the Text Messaging

12. Mr. Saul's Income Tax

13. Mr. Saul and the Political Poll

14. Mr. Saul and his April Fool's Chuckle

15. Mr. Saul and the E-Card

16. Mr. Saul and the Saturday Morning Flu

17. Mr. Saul and the Hockey Game

18. Mr. Saul and International Commerce

19. Mr. Saul and the Actress

20. Mr. Saul and the Parking Ticket

21. Mr. Saul and Evolution

22. Mr. Saul and the Society of Creative Anachronism

23. Mr. Saul and the Pirates

24. Mr. Saul's Manifesto

25. Father's Day for Mr. Saul

26. Mr. Saul and the Artifacts



I also have a Tumblr site called "Mr. Saul Adventurs" in which I tell short fictions. I'm undecided if this is the same character or not. The Mr. Saul of the "utopia" films and videos is an unchanging force but the fictions show a contradictory different side.