Mr. Saul and Evolution

Video, 2012

This was part of Mr. Saul's Digital Utopia, shot over 26 Sundays in 2012.



I would like warn you all about a dangerous trend which appears to be gaining some momentum with young people, a trend which, left unabated, could lead to serious health problems and social unrest. I speak of course of fruit juicing. While manufacturers such as Del Monte and Dole, which I mention here without any compensation financially, but because opening a tin of their extra pulpy orange juice is the only way to start one's day, have designed a special filtration system to prevent the canning and inevitable ingesting of potentially lethal seeds. Now you must remember that I am a man of science, so believe me when I explain that our species has evolved over the past one hundred years to not only desire, but require the stringent standards that only the processing of food can deliver. So unless you are lacking in the moral courage to believe in science as I, Mr. Saul, do, then open a tin can of juice, drink deeply of our majestic future and taste miracle of conformity.