Geography 323 -- Geomorphology

INSTRUCTOR: D.J. (Dave) Sauchyn
Room CL 322.1
TEXTBOOK: Ahnert, Frank. 1996. Introduction to Geomorphology.
GRADING: Term assignment 30%
Mid-term (Oct. 27) 30%
Final exam (Dec. 10) 40%



Geography 323 is an introduction to geomorphology, the study of landforms and the processes that produce and modify them. Emphasis is placed on the mechanics of geomorphic processes and on the relationships between properties of earth materials and the forces applied to them by gravity, wind, ice, water, waves and humans. The lectures address the conceptual basis of geomorphology, while the assignments are practical and empirical.



Week Topics
1 Basic concepts
2 Endogenic geomorphic processes,Term Assignment
3 Structural Landforms
4 Physical properties of rock, soil and water; Field Trip
5 Weathering
6 Mass Wasting
7 Slopes
8 Fluvial processes and landforms, Mid-term exam
9 Eolian processes and landforms
10 Coastal processes and landforms
11 Periglacial geomorphology
12 Glacial processes
13 Glacial landforms