Geography 323 -- Geomorphology

Tectonic and Structurally-Controlled Landforms

basin and range (fault-block mountains), eastern CA, western Nevada
lava flow, Owens valley, eastern CA
red sandstone cliff, Zion National Park, Utah
Ram Falls, Alberta
Lewis Thrust fault, Opal Range, AB
jointed cliff, Mt. Indifatigible, AB
summit, Mt Rae, AB
across Front Ranges, west from summit of Mt. Rae, AB
fold, Mt. Kidd, AB
vertically dipping beds, near Mt. Lyautey, AB
the Flatirons, Boulder, CO
Red Rocks amphitheatre, Front Range, CO
canyons west of Capital Reef National Park, Utah
Arches National Monument, Utah
cinder cone, north rim, Grand Canyon, AZ
Monument Valley, Utah - AZ
red spires, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
buttes and mesas, Acama, NM
Acama pueblo, NM
columnar jointing, volcanic plug, Shiprock, NM
cliff dwelling, Canyon de Chelle National Monument, NM
front ranges, Alberta Rockies, from Mt. Rae
Mesa Verde, Colorado
folded Mesozoic strata, near Highwood pass, Alberta
front ranges, Alberta Rockies, from Mt. Rae
thrust faulted quartzite and limestone, Front Ranges, Alberta Rockies
dip slope, Alberta Rockies
homocline, Capitol Reef, Utah
tephra bed, southeast Yukon
glacial trough in ring fault, Lake City Caldera, San Juan Mountains, CO
Sunset Crater, Flagstaff, Arizona
rectangular drainage, structural control, Canadian shield
San Fransisco Peaks, Flagstaff, Arizona

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