Geography 327      Hydrology

INSTRUCTOR: D.J. (Dave) Sauchyn

Room CL 322.1
TEXTBOOK: Dingman, S. Lawrence, 1994, Physical Hydrology
GRADING: Term assignments 40%

Mid-term (Feb. 16) 25%
Final exam (April 22) 35%


The basic principles of hydrology and geography of water. Detailed examination of the near-surface components of the hydrological cycle, e.g., streamflow, groundwater and water stored as glaciers, snow and ground ice, and their interaction with other elements of the physical environment and with human activities. The acquisition, analysis and interpretation of hydrologic data also are emphasised.


Week Topics
1 properties of water
2 the hydrologic cycle, precipitation
3 Term Assignment 1
4 interception, evapotranspiration
5 lakes
6 snow
7 mid-term exam, Term Assignment 2
8 mid-term break
9 ice
10-11 stream hydrology
12 infiltration
13 soil water
14-15 groundwater