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Yost Lab 2017


New Students

It's been a busy summer in the Yost lab, and we are pleased to welcome 1 new Master's students, Zainab and Jenn, and one new PhD student, Mir.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a year full of productivity, exciting results, and publications!

jan2016 lunch
Lab lunch at the Artful Dodger

Ben's Trip to the Poole Lab

While visiting the Poole lab at the University of Oxford, Ben applied the Rhizobium-adapted INSeq method he developed during his M.Sc. to attempt to elucidate genetic fitness determinants for the colonization of the pea spermosphere. Read More…

NSERC Project Meeting in Halifax

Dr. Yost, Ade, and Claire took a trip out to Halifax for a workshop with collaborators.


Read More…