What's Old, 2021

I served as head of the Department of Film at the University of Regina from July 1, 2020 to the end of June 2021 after which I hope to put a greater focus on my research. As we are within the middle of Covid-19 and frequently working from home, my teaching strategies are also constantly being updated and re-thought. In the fall, I resumed teaching film production classes face to face, with numerous covid protocols in place. I also began a roll as the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Programs in our faculty.   

       Workshop film "Truth" was screened in Regina as part of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Member's screening on December 16. 

October 30-31, I co-presented an art and horror installations as part of the Swampfest Haunted House, hosted at SILT in Regina. 

October 28, interviewed by CBC (French) journalist   RaphaĆ«le Frigon about Saskatchewan animators for International Animation Day. 

October 16, I screened my newest One Take Super 8 film project, "My Cat Dreams of Being a Hollywood Star".  

August  28, I contributed a story for one, and artwork for another story, to be used as source material by collaborative artist team Jennie Suddick, Cat Bluemke, and Jonathan Carroll to create work through the Dunlop Art Gallery for the Regina Nuit Blanche.       

Published commissioned photographs in Carfac  Saskatchewan's July/August 2021 newsletter for article "Road-Tripping the River and Rail Art Trail". 

July 29, I presented a two hour zoom workshop/lecture about the history of super-8 filmmaking leading up to this year's Regina One Take Super 8 Event. 

On July 19 at 2:00 I presented my camera painting projects as part of a UorR conference  "The Things We Think With". 

On June 11-13, I participated in the Saskatchewan Filmpool's "48 Hour Filmmaking Frenzy" which had groups shoot 200 feet of 16mm film and develop it using eco-friendly "chemicals". I worked with Jay Sotkowy, Makasha Kay, and Tristin Greyeyes to make a 4 minute film we called "Orgy of Truth"  but later retitled "Truth".   

Leader Post Story on June 10, Gillian Francis, about eco-friendly film development workshop with Elian Mikkola held through the Filmpool.    

 Leader Post Story On May 28, Alec Salloum and photographer Troy Fleece of the Regina Leader Post covered the story of the fire.

On May 25 I screened "Fire" at the YAAG on the outside wall during the CVAF.  

In the first month of 2021 I noticed that many of my pages (probably 300-350) had Flash elements in them that made them not run correctly so I took time to correct them, removing most of the short video clips on pages, especially the earlier films. I will be testing pages for residual Flash components throughout this year.  

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