Canister the Robot is a character I have created and used in a number of videos and collages. Some of these explorations can be found in my film projects. Much of this has been rooted in footage shot in the summer of 2010 at the University of Regina.

2010 - Dinobot Flats, Unfinished student sitcom written by Gabe Boyko.

2010 - Film Loop: robot attack

2011 - Fragment of Apocalypse (Gerald Saul plays Rubert Korngold who wears the Canister helmet), a student film by Erik Sirke

2012 - Robot Invader from Beyond

2012 - The Phallic Menace

2012 - Canister vs the Other Guy in 3D

2013 - pilot three line comic strip style video

2014 - Canister the Robot, disguising himself in Professor Delusia's coat (or is the other way around?) wreaks havoc on the mind of Geremy Lague and other graduate students in The Cabinet of Professor Delusia.

2014 - Rockem, Sockem, Canister

2014 - Canister is one of the cogs in the machine which is the internet, as depicted by Geremy Lague in his mutoscope animation.

2014 (1964) - Canister's concept album made with an electric drill, Assault and Batteries. I posed as this album cover as Professor Delusia with a stuffed body of Canister for the Dunlop Art Gallery "Living Pictures" exhibit on August 19, 2014. Sketches,

2014 - Canister and Friends

2014 - Canister's Last Stand (film loop installation)

2015 - Star Bright, Meagre Might

2015 - Canister's Detour (Bad Film #49)

2016 - Canister Will Not Be Belittled (episode 1)

2016 - Space Polka

2017 - Sock-vile Mystery Theatre episode 13

2017 - Canister Versus The Red Death

2022 - Birthday GIF from Geremy Lague  

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