Canister Versus The Red Death

Super-8, 3 minutes, colour, 2017

As Canister awakes, he discovers signs that the dream he has had may be rooted in truth. The answer must lie with the mysterious red-cloaked figure whom Canister feels compelled to follow. Animated from a full scale armature , Canister the world conquering Robot is voiceless in his harrowing chase to unearth the truth as he faces the mysterious Red Death. Swampy, a monster from the mighty Wascana, is ever present, awaiting his own opportunity to strike.

Camera operator: William Bessai-Saul

Music and Sound Design: Ryan Hill

Original script notes and armature plans.

Created for the 2017 One Take Super 8 Event in Regina. Screened during Flatgrafika print conference in Regina with a commissioned silkscreen print by Jason Thiry unveiled.