Research Interests

My research background is diverse, including drinking water and wastewater treatment. To promote the sustainable development of our society, I am interested in tackling contamination in water and wastewater using multiple approaches, such as membrane technology, biological treatment, ozonation, etc. (CRWRRL's lab space was not usable until fall 2022.)

  • Municipal wastewater treatment and resource recovery;

  • Wastewater treatment and resource recovery in rural and small communities;

  • Livestock wastewater/liquid manure treatment and resource recovery;

  • Industrial wastewater treatment, such as oil & gas industrial wastewater;

  • Landfill leachate management;

  • Drinking water treatment;

  • Novel materials for environmental applications.

Research Funding Sources

  • PrairiesCan;

  • Mitacs Accelerate Grants, various partners;

  • CFI-John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF), CFI;

  • NSERC Alliance Grants, NSERC and various partners;

  • NSERC Alliance International Catalyst Grant, NSERC;

  • NSERC Discovery Grant, NSERC;

  • Engineering Internal Research Fund, Faculty of Engineering;

  • New Faculty Start-Up Fund, University of Regina;

  • FGSR Base Fund, University of Regina;

  • The President's Seed Grants, University of Regina;

  • The Mitacs Research Training Award (Afruza Begum), Mitacs and University of Regina.

Partners and sponsors

NSERC CFI PrairiesCan Mitacs City of Regina Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation Regina Airport Authority NACO Touchstone