Early Cognitive Development Lab


Principal Investigator: Dr. Jeff Loucks

Jeff Loucks

Jeff Loucks is an associate professor at the University of Regina, and the head of the ECDL. Jeff originally hails from Kingston, Ontario, where he earned his bachelors from Queen’s University. He earned his PhD from the University of Oregon, and held a postdoctoral position at the University of Washington before working at the U of R. Jeff’s research focuses has histroically focused on how infants and children perceive human action, and hwo that underlies more complex social understanding. However, since the birth of his children he has also become very interested in how children conceptualize non-human animals. When he’s not teaching or working, he enjoys running and biking around Saskatchewan, and exploring the world with his two young children.

A copy of Jeff’s CV can be found here.

Lab Manager

Denée Buchko

Denée Buchko is the lab manager for the ECDL. She completed her Masters thesis in the ECDL in 2019, which investigated young children's conceptualization and feelings about various animals, and how this develops in relation to parent language. Denée is a true lover of all animals and lives with 18 different species.