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Sociology 405/805 - Winter 2004

Advanced Research Methods II

Classes: Tuesday, Thursday 11:30 - 12:45, CL109

Notes and problem sets for Sociology 405/805 for the Winter 2004 semester are available from this web site. These materials are intended primarily for students in Sociology 405/805 at the University of Regina during the Winter semester of 2004. Others are free to use these materials, but please give appropriate credit if you do so. I apologize for any error or misinterpretations. Remember that these are notes for classes and are not finished products.

The web site will be updated periodically during the semester. Please provide suggestions and address any problems to the class instructor Paul Gingrich.

Class Syllabus

From the Social Studies 201 Text:

Chi-square Tests

Measures of Association

Table of Normal Distribution

Table of t Distribution

Table of F Distribution

Winter 2004:

January 6 -- Introductory Notes

January 8 -- Review

January 13 -- Chi-square based measures of association

January 13 -- Cross-product measures of association

January 15 -- Example of lambda as measure of association

January 20 -- Goodman and Kruskal tau and Tables

January 22 -- Gamma and tau and Tables

t-test and MCA using SPSS

Formulae for regression and correlation

Assignments in Winter 2004:
Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2
Problem Set 3
Problem Set 4
Problem Set 5
Final Assignment

Assignments in Winter 2000:
Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2
Problem Set 3
Problem Set 4
Problem Set 5
Problem Set 6
Final Assignment


Thanks to those who are providing the following excellent materials on the internet.

Statnotes: An Online Textbook by G. David Garson
Exact chi-square values from University of Amsterdam

If you have any comments or questions please contact:

Paul Gingrich, Professor
Department of Sociology and Social Studies
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