Sociology 405/805

Problem Set 3

Due Friday, February 11, 2000


Lab password is 24135.


1.      Enter the data for G18.4, education, sex, and age into an SPSS file.  Reproduce the analysis of variance on the May 23, 1995 handout using the Means procedure.  Conduct an analysis of variance with G18.4 as dependent variable and sex as the independent variable using the One-way ANOVA procedure, including the 95 per cent interval estimates.  Conduct an analysis of variance with G18.4 as the dependent variable and age as the independent variable using the General Linear Model Simple Factorial method.  Also obtain the multiple classification analysis (MCA) by using the Hierarchical option.   State the hypotheses and conclusions in each case and provide short written description of the results.


2.      Use the 703.sav file to conduct the following analyses of variance.  First, recode federal political preference into four categories, merging those who prefer the PCs, Reform, and Saskachewan Party.  Then use analysis of variance to test whether the mean value of opinion for variable V8 differs by federal political preference.  Do the same for opinion variable V9.  Describe the results of the analysis of variance and describe the pattern of opinions by federal political preference for these two opinion questions.


3.      Use the 703.sav file again and select only those who prefer one of Liberal, NDP, PC, or Reform at the federal level.  Test whether the means of V9 differ among those who have a preference for one of these four federal parties.  Do the results differ from question 2?  Why or why not?