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Sociology 211 - Fall 2004


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 11:30 - 12:20, CL313


Some background materials for Sociology 211 for the Fall 2004 semester are provided on this web site. These materials are intended primarily for students in Sociology 211 at the University of Regina during the Fall semester of 2004. Others are free to use these materials, but please give appropriate credit if you do so. I apologize for any errors or misinterpretations. Remember that many of the files in this section of the web site are notes for classes and are not finished products.

This web page page will be updated periodically as we proceed through the semester. Please provide feedback to the class instructor Paul Gingrich concerning how to improve the presentation of the materials.

Class Syllabus

Class Notes
Information about final examination
Attitudes -- December 6
Employment equity -- December 3
Multiculturalism in practice -- December 1
Racism -- November 29
Prejudice -- November 24-26
Discrimination against Muslims / Social distance -- November 22
Discrimination -- November 19
Ethnocentrism, xenophobia, stereotypes -- November 17
Overview of prejudice, racism, discrimination -- November 15
Incorporation of ethnic groups -- November 10
Immigrant adjustment (continued) -- November 3
Immigrant adjustment -- October 29 and November 1
Ethnic composition -- October 27 and 29
Immigration policy and patterns -- October 25
Immigration to Canada -- October 18 and 20
Tables of population distribution, immigration, emigration
Assignment -- Skilled worker criteria
Types of international migration -- October 15
International migration -- October 13
Attitudes and opinions about multiculturalism -- Oct. 4 and 8
Meaning and problems of multiculturalism -- Sept. 29 - Oct. 1
Principles of multiculturalism
Soc. 211 student statements
History of multiculturalism -- September 27
Overview of multiculturalism -- September 24
Nation and national minority -- September 20
Ethnicity, race, minority -- September 17
Study of ethnicity -- September 13-15
Introduction -- September 10
Outline of course -- September 8

Assignments for Fall 2004
Project -- Media report or book review
First midterm
Second midterm
Final examination


If you have any comments or questions please contact:

Paul Gingrich, Professor
Department of Sociology and Social Studies
University of Regina, CL217
(306) 585-4196

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