Sociology 211

December 3, 2004


Information about final examination: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, December 17, CL313


A.  Short answer questions – topics from the last one-third of the semester

·        Isajiw, chapters 5-6, 10. 

·        Fleras and Kunz, Chapter 2.

·        Materials covered in lectures from November 10 to end of semester.

Questions about these parts will be structured in a similar manner to the short answer questions on the midterms, with choices.


B.  Two essay questions


1.  Write an essay on how media deal with minority issues, the extent to which these illustrate prejudice, discrimination, or racism, and how the media could be “multiculturalized” (Fleras and Kunz, chapter 9).   Select one of more types of media and one or more issues related to minorities. 


To prepare for this, you could use the discussion in one of chapters 4 through 7 of Fleras and Kunz.  Alternatively, you could draw on your own observations of one of the types of media or one of the minority issues that has been covered in the media.  Where possible, refer to concepts discussed in class and in the texts.   If your project was part a of the Project, a report on media and ethnicity, do not make this essay an exact repeat of the project report, although you can draw on some of the materials you used in the paper.


2.  Essay topics to be provided at the examination.   This will be a topic centred on issues discussed in the last part of the semester, but asking you to integrate ideas and concepts from the earlier part of the semester, where possible.



Papers from project


If you hand in the paper by Monday, December 6, I will attempt to have it graded by early the week of December 13.  If you wish to pick up the marked paper, I will be in my office (CL217, 585-4196) on Tuesday, December 14, 10 to noon in the morning and 1-4 in the afternoon and on Thursday morning, December 16, 10 to noon.  Alternatively, put your email address on the paper and I can send you a note indicating when it will be available.