1997 Survey: Work & Job Activity

46. In a typical week, how many hours per week do you estimate that you spend at each of the following:

Studying, doing research and class assignments __________hours per week.
At organized University extra-curricular activities __________hours per week.
Care of children or other dependents __________hours per week.
Household work __________hours per week.
Volunteer activity (e.g. fund drives, committees) __________hours per week.
Religious activities (services, committees) __________hours per week.

47. When deciding among your various activities during the semester, which do you consider as priority activities? Check the box that best expresses the priority you give each activity.

Low priority
Medium priority
High priority
Study time    
Family time    
Household tasks    
Time with friends    
Personal time    
Sleep time    

48. Do you hold a paid job or jobs, or have you held a paid job while attending University this semester?

No (1)
Yes (2)

49. How many hours do you usually spend working at the job or jobs this semester?

_______________ hours per week.

50. What is your hourly pay from your job or jobs this semester?

$ _______________ per hour.

51. How does your job affect the way in which you organize your time?

It helps me organize my time more efficiently (1)
It has little or no effect (2)
It means that I have trouble organizing my time well (3)

52. What type of job(s) do you have? (e.g. waitress, retail clerk, telephone solicitor, actor, gas station attendant, etc.)


53. People hold jobs for many reasons. What are the two most important reasons that you are holding a job this semester?


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