Final: (Toxic 6)

16mm film, 5 minutes, 2002 (additional image 1)

This film mixes images of my future, the site of a new film sound stage, with images of my past, insects on my garage wall such as I would have been interested in as a child but have since become very squeamish of. The sound stage, being in mid process and using the facade of an old heritage university building, appears to be an act of destruction, not construction. The chemical solarization and colour alterations further the idea of this being a place of devastation. The soundtrack begins with a clock ticking. The clock accelerates throughout the film to eventually sound alien, or perhaps like an insect, as I regress into my past and feel increasingly pessimistic about the future. It was one of the earliest of this series so reflects most clearly my post surgery year. (Two Below Zero screening)


Toxic Suite