Gerald Saul Teaching lectures or workshops, outside of the University of Regina courses.

List in progress.

Most of these sorts of lectures or workshops either did not have notes or the notes no longer exist. Even when they do exist, they may not make much sense to anyone, including me (they often just remind me about things to say about the films that will be shown or are prompts based on what I was asked to speak about). I rarely lecture from notes, but I will attach some below.

2022, October/November, presented "400 Blows" amd "Trafic" within an International Cinema course for the Lifelong Learning Centre.    
2022, May/June, Monty Python's Flying Circus series of Lifelong Learning Centre - fouir week.  
2021, July 29, presented online lecture on history of super-8 filmmaking as part of Regina's One Take Super 8 Event.     
2019, September 30, Lecture to Information and Communication Studies class at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John via Skype.
2019, May, post war British film series for Lifelong Learning Centre- four weeks.
2017, October 27 Cartoon history notes for Lifelong Learning Centre

2017, October 20 presented "Rashamon" and Akira Kurosawa for Lifelong Learning Centre. (most notes were supplied by Dr. Philippe Mather - not included here)

2017, October 16, Lecture to June Madeley's Information & Communication Studies class at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John

2017, May 24-25, Ghost photography workshop notes, YAAG as part of Cathedral Festival

2017, March 17, Gun Crazy and writer Dalton Trumbo note for Lifelong Learning Centre

2017, February 24, presented lecture on The Marx Brothers and their film "The Day at the Races" for Lifelong Learning Centre.

2016, July 16, Super-8 backyard workshop notes

2016, February, Preston Sturges and "Sullivan's Travels" notes for Lifelong Learning Centre

April 2008             Saskatchewan Filmpool mentorship program, one-on-one filmmaker assistance.
Mar/2004, Apr/2005, May/2006, May/2007, May/2008, Jun/2009, Aug/2011; Mentor; SK Filmpool Filmmaking Frenzy.
October 2003       Two day Directing A Video workshop, Paved Art and New Media (Saskatoon).
August 2001         One day Hand Processing Motion Picture Film workshop, Saskatchewan Filmpool.
July 1999               IMAX Children’s Hand Drawn Film workshop, Saskatchewan Science Centre.
May 1999              Two day Super-8 Film workshop, Common Weal Community Arts Group.
Spring 1999          10 week Basic Filmmaking workshop, Sakêwêwak First Nations Artists Collective
Fall 1998                Half-day Animation workshop for University of Regina ESL students
Jan-Mar 1998        Twelve week Animation workshop, co-taught (with Dan Wright) through Filmpool
1997-1999             Taught numerous half day Children’s Animation workshops through Filmpool.
Fall 1997                Half-day Animation workshop for University of Regina ESL students
1995-1996             Teaching Assistant, York University (Toronto), responsible to A. Lhotsky and D. Roebuck
1994-1995             Graduate Assistant, York University under Jim Fisher, assisting with editing video documentary.

1992                       Two day Animation workshop (co-taught with Elaine Pain), Sask Filmpool.