Gerald Saul's films: Film Loops, Installations, and Site Specific Media

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Film loops, in the majority of cases listed below, are events where I projected a repeating clip of moving images onto a screen, wall, or other surface which is visible to the public in a non-traditional cinema viewing environment such as a house or storefront window or an art gallery. In the majority of cases here, I am projecting pieces of 16mm film, attached beginning to end, so that it runs through a projector endlessly. In some cases, cycles are stopped due to the film physically breaking or being damaged beyond easy repair. In most cases, no additional sound is used. Unlike much of my film work, these loops suffer from a severe lack of documentation. They are about the experience of seeing rather than the construction and arrangement of the images. Before 2006, there are rarely moving images in the documentation. This is all the more tragic since the earlier loops, (scuh as "Persistent Visions" and "Flicker Film Festival") are some of the most significant. Many of the running times are estimates.

The reasons I make these loops vary, but at the root of them is my own sense of relaxation I get when watching them. The repetition, combined with the clattering of the projector, will captivate me for lengthy periods of time, allowing me to consider the image, the form, and other ideas with no other distraction. I would consider doing this on a daily basis except for the annoyance it has on others around me who do not always share this feeling. Beyond that, each loop and event evokes different ideas and plays with different sensibilities. Sometimes it is about the ironic endlessness of something which demands an ending. Sometimes it is about the collision of images or about the surprise of motion. In contrast, the fallibility of the 16mm projector and the inevitable damage and destruction of the film and loop creates a tension so that relaxation is never really possible while viewing this work, particularly as the creator.


Halloween X, Deer Halloween... 75 seconds October, 2019
Halloween W, War of the Zombies (excerpt) 4 minutes October, 2018
Halloween V, Canister Candystore 32 seconds October, 2017
Tickletrunk of Dr. Caligari various Oct-Dec, 2016
Halloween U, Eyes of Sorrow Moon 8 minutes October, 2016
Tales from the Nochturnalist 2 hours May, 2016
Halloween T, Don't Bug Me 18 seconds October, 2015

Halloween S, Canister's Last Stand

24 seconds October, 2014

Halloween R, turn a head,

90 seconds October, 2013

Halloween Q, Zombie Walk

18 seconds October, 2012

Halloween P, Jaguar growls

20 seconds October, 2011

Halloween O, Robot attack

3 minutes October, 2010

Halloween N, William Reaper

40 seconds October, 2009


10 seconds 2008

The Walrus and the Carpenter

1 minute . 2008

Halloween M, professors delusia

42 seconds October, 2008

Halloween L, insect swarm

55 seconds October, 2007

Halloween k, zombiedad

20 seconds October, 2006

Halloween J, bat frenzy

42 seconds October, 2005

Halloween I, ode to skeleton dance

35 seconds October, 2004

Halloween H, bats

20 seconds October, 2003

Poppa fragment  

14 seconds August, 2003

Halloween G        

25 seconds October, 2002

Toxic fragment 

20 seconds August, 2002

Halloween F     

85 seconds October, 2001

Lanterns At Lanterns  

43 seconds August, 2001

Halloween E     

35 seconds October, 2000

Lanterns At Lanterns  

30 seconds August, 2000

Bits of Lint  

2 minutes February 2000

Halloween D   

1 minute October, 1999

Paint Spray  

40 seconds August, 1999

Halloween C  (Angst dance clip)

25 seconds October, 1998

no title (lanterns on the lake festival)  

  August, 1998

Flicker Film Festival 

series 1998

The Walrus and the Carpenter

60 seconds December, 1997

Ho Ho Ho

30 seconds December, 1997

Halloween B, the scream  

35 seconds October, 1997

Persistent Visions  - promotional card

series July, 1997

My Street 

10 seconds May, 1997

15th Anniversary 

14 seconds March, 1997

Jack-O-Lantern (Halloween A)  

20 seconds October, 1996


10 seconds November, 1995

Farewell to Roger

6 seconds 1993