Overview (a Life Is Like Lint story)

4K drone and super-8 film, 5.5 minutes, 2018

I make films constantly, always struggling to find the balance between saying too much and too little with each one. My 1999 feature Life is Like Lint did both, being a postmodern pastiche of fiction and autobiography. The results have never satisfied me. Overview is my first attempt at returning to that text to explore where the story goes and to state a few difficult truths (or are they fictions?) that my younger self was not brave enough to voice.

The film features myself, reprising my role of Wilbur, and William Bessai-Saul who plays the role of Wilbur's son.

Shooting took place in 2017 with William Bessai-Saul shooting super-8 film (Ektachrome colour reversal) and Haley Klassen shooting with her 4K Drone.

This is one of a series of projects I began in 2016 with funding from the Canada Council to create responses to my own past works to be part of my Art Gallery of Regina exhibition, Anecdotal Evidence.

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