Karim Naqvi

Faculty of Engineering
Office: ED475
Phone: 306.337.2279
Email: naqvik@uregina.ca
The power of science is an acceptance and openness to the notion that we are fallible and must therefore be corrected by nature herself. Many other human belief systems start off with the assumption that the answer is already known. In science, it's precisely the opposite; we start out admitting to not knowing the answer. --Sylvester James Gates, Jr. Lace by Nine Picture

Current Courses

For the Winter 2009 semester I am teaching:

Ense 470
Software System Design

Ense 481
Advanced embedded systems

Former Courses

Here is a record of courses I've taught in the past. This includes future former courses as well.

The lab instructor for many ENSE courses is the esteemed Trevor Douglas. I recommend that students check out his web page for information pertaining to labs for those classes.

The lab instructor for many enel classes is the highly regarded (and well behaved) Dave Duguid.

The lab instructor for many enel classes is the highly valued David Wirth, who can be reached via email at the preceding address.

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