Dave Duguid

Dave Duguid - Engineering Licensee (APEGS), Applied Science Technologist

As an Electronic Systems Engineering Laboratory Instructor at the University of Regina, I provide undergraduate students with some practical insights into the world of analog and digital electronics, microprocessor-based systems, and communications systems.

The courses for which I currently conduct labs :

ENEL 283 - Analog Electronics
ENEL 380 - Control Systems I
ENEL 384 - Digital Electronics
ENEL 387 - Microprocessor Systems Design
ENEL 389 - Control Systems II
ENEL 390 - Analog Communication Systems
ENEL 393 - Digital Communication Systems
ENEL 495 - Digital Signal Processing

Other courses for which I've conducted labs :

ENEL 280 - Electrical Circuits
ENEL 282 - Semiconductor Devices
EN 391 - Telecommunications ( The really old version of ENEL 395)
ENEL 484 - Digital Control Systems
ENEL 486 - Analog Systems Design
ENEL 494 - Telecommunications Systems Engineering
ENIN 370 - Mechatronics - Introductory Electronics Labs

Documents that ESE students should read:

ESE Lab Safety Guide
Guidelines for Project Work in the ESE Lab Area

If you have questions regarding the ESE Undergraduate program at the UofR, I'd be glad to try and answer them for you or at least give you an idea of who to contact.Please email me at the address below:

Note: I do not supervise Graduate Students.


Dave Duguid, 2016