Early Cognitive Development Lab

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We are always looking for helpful families to volunteer to participate in our studies so we can learn more about development. Our studies are designed to be enjoyable for your infant or young child. For infants, this usually involves watching short videos while we observe their reactions. For young children, this usually involves playing a game with the researcher and we observe their choices and behaviour.

A visit typically takes ~30 minutes. You will be in the room with your child the entire time, and everything we learn about your child remains confidential. We also have on-site childcare available for siblings, with lots of toys to play with. Your infant or child will receive a small toy for their participation.

Children usually have a lot of fun participating, playing with adults and doing interesting things!

Our lab is located on the University of Regina campus, in the Classroom building (4th floor). Parking is free in Lot 2 whenever you come in to visit!

For more information, send us an email at If you are interested in participating, click here to add your name to our secure database.