Dr. Allen W. Herman

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4S 0A2

Email: aherman(at)math.uregina.ca
Office: College West 307.18 (Latitude: N 50o 25' Longitude: W 104o 35')
Office Phone: +(306)585-4487

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Research Area: Representation Theory, Algebraic Combinatorics, and Computational Algebra. Currently my research activity revolves around realization problems in ordinary and integral representation theory of groups and closely-related rings, which include reality-based algebras/table algebras/adjacency algebras of association schemes, as well as Hopf algebras/quantum groups. I have ongoing collaborative projects on the representation theory of classical groups over finite local rings.

Research Links: My CV.
Lecture Notes on Algebraic Aspects of Association Schemes and Scheme Rings (last updated August 31, 2011.)
Explicit Fusion Data for Small Association Schemes - results of a Mitacs Globalink Project with Sourav Sikdar in Summer 2011.
Enumeration of Integral Table Algebras of Ranks 4 and 5 - a database of all integral table algebras of ranks 4 and 5 with order up to 100, obtained in an NSERC USRA project with Thomas Stanley in Summer 2017.